Anthony Bourdain On His Love For Popeyes, Making Fun Of Guy Fieri, And ‘F*%king Disgusting’ Home Fries


At this point, Anthony Bourdain needs little in the way of an introduction. Since making a splash in 2000 with his debut book, Kitchen Confidential, the former New York chef has been one of the more recognizable faces on the modern cultural landscape. His current CNN show, Parts Unknown, returns for another season this Sunday, Sept. 25, and he has a new book, Appetites: A Cookbook, being released in October. In the book, Bourdain uses his lifetime of traveling and cooking experience to illustrate how to cook the dishes that have become his personal favorites, dishes that he feels everyone should know how to cook, in addition to providing insight into how to best host guests in one’s home.

We spoke to Bourdain recently about a number of things, including his love for Popeyes fried chicken, the current state of food culture, places he’s been and would still like to go, his personal fitness routine, and his long-running “feud” with Guy Fieri. He also weighed in with a definitive ruling in the home fries vs. hash browns debate.

First off, I want to thank you, because in the early days of Uproxx you were one of the first big “gets” we ever had. You were nice enough to make time for an interview and a pow-wow session with our commenters when we were in our early stages of development.

Very happy to do it. I like your site.

I recently went back and read one of the things that you did with us back in 2012 and your answer to the question, “The first face that comes to mind when you think ‘punchable’?” was Donald Trump. You added that he’d probably “cry like a wuss” if you did punch him. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that your opinion of him hasn’t changed that much since then.

Yeah, I saw the mosquito incident. Nothing has changed.

I think something that you’ve been able to do with your shows over the years is that you’ve been able to break down some of the hesitancy some Americans have about traveling to certain places. Are there places that you’re wary of going to, or places that you’d be hesitant to go back to?