Bow Wow's Twitter Was Conveniently Hacked After Someone Posted A Picture Of Him Allegedly Sleeping With A Man Online

The Internet never ceases to amaze. Case in point: last night, Like Mike star/rapper Bow Wow’s Twitter account was hacked by a 19-year-old wannabe musician after the real Bow Wow tweeted “i got 2500$ to any Detroit n*gga that finds @7_I_Am and slaps the piss outta dis n*gga” because the aforementioned @7_I_Am posted a picture of someone who looks like Bow Wow cuddling with another man in bed. That’s assuming you believe the hacker actually exists, and that it wasn’t just Bow Wow pretending to be someone else to take attention away from the photo…Just try to keep up.

The Twitter war began with this photo, posted by @7_I_Am:

Bow Wow, who many believe to be gay but wants to protect his image in the hip-hop community (that’s another sad story, if true), flipped out at the tweet, which bore a fake RT from his account, and wrote the following:

Oh, also this:

Bow Wow knew the man’s location because @7_I_Am’s Twitter bio includes an #MSU hashtag, which he believed to be referring to Michigan State University, as well as, um, #Jamaican. If you check out @7_I_Am’s Tumblr, however, it appears he’s actually a student at Morgan State University in Baltimore. Anyway, here’s where things got weird. After RTing a couple of since-deleted tweets about his offer, this happened:

Bow Wow’s Twitter was conveniently hacked!

By a “19-year-old” hoping to spread the word about his mixtape, which if you follow his mentions leads to DJ Hypnotize’s Street Code Vol. 1. At first, it seemed like the “19-year-old” was actually Bow Wow himself, trying to deflect attention away from the picture:

But then it kept going and going, getting more and more desperate:

What does @7_I_Am think of the situation?

THERE’S A CONSPIRACY AFLOAT. This is the best thing Bow Wow’s done since that song from the Big Momma’s House soundtrack (if I had a nickel every time I said that…). Stay tuned for more.