Read This Insane Breakup Text A Woman Received From Her Ex-Boyfriend

If a cat is one of the reasons why you want to break up with someone, it’s best to tell them in person, not through text. Otherwise, my friend, you’re going viral.

9 News caught up with the woman who received the text. She told them, “[It] came on a Monday morning, and the weekend prior I’d been away at a friend’s wedding. He’d indicated that he was upset he couldn’t attend with me, but we were only very casual as far as I was concerned and the guest list had been finalized months ago, there wasn’t necessarily an option to take a plus one.”

OK, but what about the cat?

“I’m completely allergic to cats,” she said.

“On the nights I would sleep over, the cat would want to up at the end of the bed, but I had to insist that it was locked out while I was there. It was a completely practical request that was obviously taken all too personally, but I guess I did tell the cat to “F— off.

“I’ll never date another guy with cats.” (Via)

Probably a good call.

Via 9 News