Bruce Timm Not Leaving the DC Animated Universe

One of the oddest pieces of news to come out of Wondercon was the word that Bruce Timm, a man who’d been working with the DC Animated Universe for more than two decades, was going to step away for good.

Well, he’s not. But he is stepping away temporarily, to work on another project for Warner Bros.

It turns out that the rumor was the result of crappy fact-checking, and once somebody found a DC publicist to ask them, the answer turned out to be quite a bit different:

So, now we have to wonder what this personal project happens to be. Timm’s closely associated with DC animation; as the publicist above noted, he’s done seventeen direct-to-video animated movies in a row, and he’s been working in the DCAU since it was essentially created by Batman: The Animated Series.

Which raises the question… what’s this personal project he’s doing for Warner Brothers?