Meet A Cat Who’s Been Going To High School So Long He’s Got A Student ID

Bubba the Cat isn’t interested in catnip or catching mice. And he’s not content when he’s not the center of attention. That’s why the feline, who lives in San Jose, takes off from home every morning and heads to nearby Leland High School or Bret Harte Middle School to get the love and affection that he just can’t get at home. Mainly because there aren’t hundreds of willing people to pet him and feed him where he lives.

Mashable reports that Bubba was initially an indoor cat when he was adopted in 2009, but quickly let his owners know that he wanted out. And when he discovered that there were schools nearby to visit, he wandered over and started hanging out in classrooms and chilling in the lunch room. According to his owner, he’ll even lay down in the middle of a field when the kids are practicing sports and won’t move until he’s gotten the pets that he wants.

According to Mashable, Bubba is a celebrity both off and on the internet. Aside from being allowed to go wherever he wants, he’s got a Facebook page with 8,000 devoted fans (soon to be many, many more) and students even tried to get a statue erected in his honor. The school said no, but the students got Bubba something even better. A school ID which he actually looks good in.

The school year’s just started and Bubba’s already the most popular kid at two. Why hasn’t anyone voted him prom king yet?

(Via RedditMashable)