Burger King Kicks Off April Fools Day Early With ‘Whopper Toothpaste’

If you’re anything like the guy in this early April Fools joke from Burger King, you savor the delicious taste of a flame-broiled burger with all the fixins. There’s nothing like biting into a Whopper™ (if that’s your thing), and sometimes you just want to keep that flavor with you throughout the day. Sadly, this is impossible if you want to practice good (or even decent) hygiene.

That’s where Burger King comes in. The fast food chain is getting ahead of the game by creating this strange, dubbed commercial days before the actual April Fools Day. Now, this may just be another #brand joke released a few days before April 1st to some, but this could be the wave of the future — flavor paste.

Who needs a refreshing wintergreen or mint flavor when you can have a symphony of onion, mayonnaise, and sesame seed bun to go along with the juicy meat flavor that brings it all together?

We as a culture needs to unite and accept that fresh breath doesn’t need to only smell like whatever preconceived notions of fresh were determined by the dentists of America. To some, the enticing smell (and taste) of a Whopper™ is all they need before they head out, or before they go to bed.