Meme Watch: Business Baby Will Be With You Right After He Takes This Call

Creative Director
02.18.14 6 Comments
The hilariously adorable photo above was uploaded by Redditor C0LDBLUERIBB0N yesterday afternoon with the following description: My friend posted this picture of his son on Facebook with the caption “Look, tell Clyde he’s a dumbass… and then fire him.”

It’s funny because babies don’t conduct business. And because the kid looks like a full-grown adult, a sort of mini-Chang. It works on several levels.

It didn’t take long for the the collective internet to start uploading entertaining, meme-ified versions of the image. It’s been less than 24 hours since the original was uploaded, and already the photo has been dubbed the “Business Baby” meme. And the “Business Baby” meme is a-boomin’.

Below I’ve collected the best Business Baby images. It’s been a while since a meme with so much potential staying power has been born, so this is certainly exciting. What a fanciful age we live in!

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