Cake-Hating Mother Nature Stranded The ‘Cake Boss’ In Heavy Fog

07.13.14 4 years ago
Cake Boss Cafe Opening Breakfast

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Buddy Valastro may be the “Boss” of cakes, but he was no match for Mother Nature last night.

After a boating trip gone awry, Cake Boss (Cake Boss!), Mrs. Cake Boss, and some friends (including nine children), were stranded in New York Harbor, lost in a heavy fog. His 32-foot Boston Whaler was stuck for nearly 20 minutes before Valastro, fearing a nearing ship would slam into them, finally called the police for help.

“I can’t see the city,” said Valastro, who had owned a boat for about six years. “I’m thinking it’s dark… We wind up going into this deep, deep fog where you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you. We started to get really scared.”

At one point, Valastro said, a bigger vessel about 30 feet away was headed straight for his boat.

“I saw him but I don’t think he saw us,” he recalled. “We had to get out of the way… I turned quick. It got really, really scary. I said,’ You know, it’s time to call for help.”

The boat moved slowly in the dense fog, he said. The children cried. Some were seasick and vomited overboard.

“My wife was flipping,” he said. “I couldn’t pick a worse bunch of people to be on the boat stuck in the fog with. All the kids were under 10 years old … then my wife and my friend’s wife and my friend… After we got rescued, we started joking and having some fun. But it was no joke. “

Authorities found and safely pulled the boat to Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, New Jersey. As a token of thanks, Valastro is thinking of baking them a big cake.  Cake, schmake, just get ’em a bunch of doughnuts! Also, is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking: Imagine floatable cakes?


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