‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Has Some Multiplayer Map Problems

Hey, remember “spawn-camping?” Back in the day, when multiplayer was largely limited to PC and everybody on there including old guys who say things like “Remember spawn-camping?” was a teenager and thus a douche, you could plant yourself in one place and just keep picking off your opponent as he spawned. But game developers have caught on and now spawn-camping is imposs- Wait, no, apparently not, at least in Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a player mowing down half the opposing team by essentially running around a crate. He kills the same guy four times in less than a minute.

Leaving aside the litany of early-2000s jokes we could make, this is actually something of a problem. As we all know, being a jerk-ass in multiplayer is practically a full time job for some people, and if the game’s spawning system is this broken, it’s likely a bellwether for far more serious problems in the larger COD community. People don’t take kindly to not being able to fight back when the entire fun of the game is fighting back.

One assumes that Activision is aware of the problem and feverishly working on a fix as we speak. If you’re playing, though, just be aware that you might want to avoid some maps. Or start spamming grenades the minute you spawn.