Cleanse Yourself Of The Presidential Debate By Watching A Chicken Accept And Raise A Baby Duck

Tonight the second presidential debate tore the nation further asunder. The incoherent ramblings of a shouty, sexist, orange man balanced the smooth and calculated relative non-answers from a career politician, which led to arguments on social media across the world. Fingers were pointed, logical fallacies were abundant, and only those who admired Ken Bone could truly agree on anything. It’s as if no one realizes that we’re all in this together.

Black, white, Muslim, Catholic… We all can look admirably to this chicken raising a duck.

The farmer behind the YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert felt bad for his hen, who was sitting on empty eggs and just wanted some chicks of her own to raise. Without a family, she felt lost, pecking away at the corn feed of life as the days passed without purpose. But then, they gave her a duck egg to warm. At first, she wondered what it was, for it looked and smelled different than her own. Could she accept it? Yes, she could.

Eventually, the duck hatched, and while the new family were confused by each other, they learned that they could get past their differences. Maybe they ate different things, maybe they sounded different, but in the end, they were just two living things that wanted to live a good life in a box, warm and at peace, considering the next meal.