You Can Now Read Harlan Ellison’s Lost Batman Script

Harlan Ellison may be a fairly well-respected author now, but he spent years during the 60s and 70s toiling away as a low-level TV scribe, cranking out scripts for whatever show would have him. He even wrote a script for the classic Batman TV series — that’s right, one of the crankiest men on the planet wrote a script for the always upbeat Adam West camp-fest.

Even better? The script featured Two-Face as it’s villain. Two-Face was one of the only classic Bat-villains to never appear on the show (Ellison’s script was never filmed) due to his appearance being too gruesome for the tone of the series.

Ellison has been releasing collections of his TV scripts for some time, and the latest volume contains his Bat-script, entitled “The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face”. Harlan Ellison writing a swingin’ 60s-style Two-Face story? I’d say that’s worth 40 bucks. Neil Gaiman agrees…

So, the race is on — who’s going to film this thing first?

via Bleeding Cool