Can You Handle The Epicness Of “Space Battles: Space War II”?


Lens flares! Alien babes! Paternal disappointment! No volleyball scene! Seventh grade style bullying among grownass adults! More lens flares! Ballet! Push it to the limit! That’s our summary of “Space Battles: Space War II”, made by Brad Clapper and Craig Pentak for the September Channel 101 screening. It took sixth place there and first place in our hearts. It was six votes short of airing in primetime, but it lives on in the video below.

Blow my space mind with an official space synopsis, You(space)Tube:

After 30 years of peace in the universe Chase Spacegazer and the rest of the Space Army are attacked by their mortal enemy…SPACE PIRATES! [pentak4]

This is the best damn space flying I’ve ever space seen.

[Space hat tip to space Cody Johnston.]