Capcom’s ‘Deep Down’ Is… A PS4 MMO?!

I admit, in my heart of hearts, I was hoping Deep Down was a code name for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Apparently our desire to see if Capcom can write a good dialogue algorithm to go with their butter-smooth combat will have to wait; Deep Down is an MMO, and apparently a PS4 exclusive.

Capcom is actually playing this one surprisingly close to the vest. Apparently we’ll be seeing more of Deep Down at the Tokyo Game Show, but they put out a teaser today that seems to be a mix of horror movie cliche dialogue and gorgeously rendered fantasy monsters:

Notice that the theme in the dialogue centers around not getting murdered, which brings up a question along the lines of whether this might be a cross between Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls. That’s not a guarantee, but we can see why Capcom would make a game like that; I can’t be the only one that would blast them with a money firehose to get that game, even if it does seem to have a notable lack of being thrown at your opponents. Although considering most of your opponent are less “Dungeons and Dragons cliches” and more “Freudian nightmare”:

…that’s probably a good thing.

Most of the rest of what we know comes from the text under the YouTube video. That text, and the video’s end text, pretty much explicitly state that this’ll be a PS4 exclusive, that it’s an RPG, and that it’s for “multiplayer network play”. It even declares that you’ll need the Internet to play it. All of which are… interesting choices in the modern gaming world.

Intriguing, though. Dragon’s Dogma may have only been a cult hit here, but it shows that Capcom knows how to blend action and RPG elements. If they’re bringing that and an MMO element to a classic dungeon crawler… that could be a game that eats your life.