Captain Kirk’s Phaser Is Worth More Than Your House

04.09.13 6 years ago

No girl can resist a man with a good phaser. 

Phasers! The classic Star Trek weapons seem to be all over the news lately — apparently we’re on the verge of creating them in real life, and now the first phaser to be prominently featured on the original Star Trek TV series has been sold for the princely sum of $231,000.

The phaser, wielded by William Shatner in Star Trek’s second pilot episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is actually pretty badass. Better than the DustBuster-looking things they were stuck with in The Next Generation. Hit the jump for a video detailing some of the history behind the classic prop…

Ugh — dammit, why don’t I get to create cool prop guns for a living?

via The Hollywood Reporter

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