Captain Power Returns?

“Captain Power” is that rare TV series that can be faulted for being too ambitious. It wanted to appeal to adults, and also to kids, and also be an interactive TV show, and also to sell lots of toys. It didn’t quite pull any of that off, although it did manage to run an entire season in syndication and actually had some really good writing.
Now, apparently, it’s back. For those who need a plot recap: it’s basically a more family-friendly and less teeth-grindingly retarded “Terminator: Salvation”. Currently, there’s little information about the reboot: all we could get out of the Facebook page was that more Captain Power was coming in 2012 and that there’s likely a documentary they’re working on called “Out of the Ashes: The Making of Captain Power”.
Their comparison was “Battlestar Galactica”. OK, we’ll catch the first episode. A short doc about the series is on the next slide.

[ via the Bio-Dread Youth at Topless Robot ]