These People Had An Inventive Way Of Keeping Their Car Safe During Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is currently crawling up the Florida coast, and for those who didn’t evacuate despite the, shall we say “dramatic” doom and gloom warnings from Fox News, all that’s left is to hunker down and ride the storm out as safe and sound as possible. For most Florida residents, that meant buying up all the bottled water, bread, and canned goods (except for clam chowder, of course) they could get their hands on, and for others it meant protecting their personal property.

Case in point: The above tweet from Christian Cabrera, who writes that his mom’s coworker thought that the safest place for her Toyota sedan during the hurricane would be inside her living room, by what appears to be literally taking the sliding glass doors off the house and very carefully steering the car up a DIY ramp. You can’t argue with logic! And if you’ve ever wondered how they get cars inside of shopping malls, now you know.

The originator of the tweets, a girl named Sofi whose mom is the coworker in question, posted a few more photos of the car actually inside the house. Apparently the whole thing was her father’s idea, as she writes in perfect millennial: “bruh idek my dad is so extra.”

A few others replied, making some apt comparisons:

Stephanie was in so much trouble over that one.

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