Carl’s Jr. Is Testing A New Donut And Biscuit Hybrid Called The ‘Bisnut’ Because Diabetes

Have you ever eaten a breakfast meal from Carl’s Jr. and thought, “I could really go for a donut and biscuit hybrid dessert now.” Well, your insane wish has been granted because Carl’s Jr. is testing out the Bisnut in Southern California. Via CNBC:

Enter the bisnut, a mash-up of a biscuit and a donut, that’s available in select Southern California locations during breakfast hours.

The dessert is one of the latest entrants in a segment that’s ballooned during the past year. The cronut, a croissant and donut combo created by one New York City bakery, first sparked the craze. Since then, wonuts, Crumbnuts, duffins, mallomacs and more have exploded onto the culinary scene.

Leave it to fast food to think of new and exciting ways to make you have to buy two seats on an airplane. A breakfast-dessert hybrid. You’re barely awake and you’re already getting all your calories for the day.

(Via CNBC)

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