Some Cats Might Have Less Than Nine Lives By The End Of This Cat Fails Compilation

Cats. Mean cats, dumb cats, clumsy cats, cats that get stuck in things, cats that knock things off of things, and cats that just forgot how to cat: that’s this seven minute long “Funny Cat Fails Compilation” from the always reliably hilarious Fail Army in a nutshell. Some of these cat fails won’t be entirely unfamiliar, such as this cat that definitely didn’t mean to jump into the bathtub, this majestic-ass creature right here, this stupid goddamn cat, and, of course, thug life cat. (Although it’s not technically a fail, let us never forget unimpressed twerking cat, for obvious reasons.)

Is it okay to laugh at our feline friends? Let me sum up the answer in a quick anecdote. As I was watching the Funny Cat Fails Compilation, one of my cats heard the meowing from the video and decided to inspect by climbing up onto my desk and tromping across my laptop keyboard. Both times I politely attempted to shoo him away, I was rewarded with a smackin’ paw. Then he was rewarded with the squirt bottle, and has now resumed skulking out the imaginary mouse under the stove.

What was I getting at here? Oh yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to laugh at cats. Enjoy.

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