A Kitten Sees An Optical Illusion, Has Its Adorable Little Mind Blown

Rasmus Baath just made our morning by showing his kitten an optical illusion and posting a video of the ginger moggy’s confused reaction. But can you really blame the cat for reacting this way while looking at the “Rotating Snakes” optical illusion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka?

This is not a GIF.

It’s taking all of our willpower to not attack the screen. That cat has the right idea.

Baath is also asking others to show their cat the optical illusion, film the result, and fill out a form to “crowdsource some real evidence that cats can see visual illusions.” Nobel prize in the making? Perhaps not, since the results of the research so far have been less than impressive:

Well, at least one cat wasn’t completely out of f–ks to give:

[Sources: Reddit via BioTV]