This Cat Definitely Did Not Have A Plan When It Climbed Up To The Top Of The Shelf

If some cats are better at catting than others, it’s safe to say the cat in this video is the “indoor kid” equivalent of a cat. While outdoor cats are adept at climbing trees and catching unnecessary prey (as they are fed soft wet food and nuggets, like the tiny feline kings they are), this cat can’t even figure out how to get down from the dang shelf.

The cat’s owner, fruitlessly shaking a bag of act treats, asks his pet, “What’s your plan, buddy?” Oh, buddy has a plan all right, but it mostly involves flopping itself off the top of the shelf and hoping that old adage, “cats always land on their feet” is true.

Not lying, I’ve watched this video at least seven or eight times now and it does not lose its comedic value on repeat viewing. This is the best we’re going to do on a Friday afternoon in the summer, people.

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