This Video Of A Heroic Cat Saving A Boy From A Vicious Dog Attack Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

UPDATE: Watch The Adorable Interview With The Boy Who Was Saved By His Cat

The surveillance footage above might just turn you into a cat person.

Courtesy of KERO 23ABC in Bakersfield, CA, the video shows a young boy riding a bike in his own driveway when a neighbor’s dog sneaks up on him and viciously attacks his leg. Thankfully, the family cat springs into action, lunging from out of nowhere to scare the dog away and save the day.

The boy’s mother told the station that he “needed a few stitches, but he is doing fine this morning.” Which makes it a lot more fun to revisit the cat’s heroic deed on an infinite loop, courtesy of this GIF from Brett Rosner:

(Via Turn To 23; @brosner85)