Challenges Accepted, Klepto Cats, and Links

Love Isn’t In The Air: 10 Valentine’s Day Cards For Lonely People [Uproxx]

Reinstalling Ubuntu, Repeatedly: A Field Guide [Uproxx]

Why Is Sony Making a New N-Gage? [UproxxNews]

FilmDrunk Mashup: Cinema’s Most Disturbing Kisses [Filmdrunk]

The Numbers Behind ‘Jersey Shore’ [WarmingGlow]

Wayne Rooney is good at soccer [WithLeather]

The Egyptian revolution takes a shocking twist [KSK]

Borders to file for bankruptcy [TSS]

The Most Absurd Workouts on YouTube [Urlesque]

A Collection Of Old School Sexist Ads [EgoTV]

Celebrity Death Internet Hoaxes (video) [ForkParty]

Gina Carano Is Ready To Make A Comeback [CageDoctors]

In Response to ‘GoodLuckChrisBrown’ Trending on Twitter [TheSuperficial]

Irina Shayk Is The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Model [CoedMag]

Check Out ‘Exist,’ a Cool Sci-Fi Short About Making It Big in L.A. [Moviefone]

I know what the hell a Justin Beiber is now that its fans started defacing Wikipedia articles [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Dusty the klepto kitty was caught in the act by a surveillance camera [via Arbroath]

[Banner picture via Gizmodo, inset picture via sofapizza]