Changes In The UPROXX Media Network’s Commenting System Are A-Comin’

You guys! Big news. BIG NEWS! Like, explosions going off all around Nic Cage’s head big news.

At some point this weekend, a new commenting system will be launched around these parts, the highlights of which include: a universal log-in that allows users to comment across the UPROXX network without having to re-login on each site, the ability to login via Twitter and Facebook, the ability to create detailed profiles, as well the ability to “like” and reply to comments. In other words, we’re implementing most of the things many of you guys have asked us for.

And if that weren’t enough, we have a couple of other commenting-related things in the pipeline that I think you’ll like, such as the ability to direct message other commenters, threaded replying, and … wait for it … the ability to earn awards and badges and such for stellar commenting achievements. Consider it our gift to you.

Seriously though, please try the new system out when it’s up and give us your feedback. And, as always, thanks for spending some time with us each day. Y’all have a great weekend!