Trick Shot Titus Demolished Channing Tatum In A Basketball Shootout On Spanish Television

If you haven’t heard of two-year old Titus Ashby (AKA Trick Shot Titus) by now, then you must be living in a cave that has terrible wifi connections. He’s the toddler with the basketball shooting percentage that has Duke Blue Devils written all over it, and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, he has been able to take on and defeat (or at least tie) some of the NBA’s biggest names, like Metta World Peace, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in shooting contests.

Titus’ latest TV appearance was on El Hormiguero, a variety show that airs in Spain on the Cuatro network, and he was once again paired with a world-famous celebrity in Channing Tatum. Still making the rounds for his hilariously enjoyable action film, White House Down, our boy C-Tates decided to be the next to step to Titus in a shooting contest and it was predictably adorable.

(Banner via Channing Tatum)