Check Out ‘Donkey-Me,’ The Game That Lets You Play Donkey Kong With Movie Heroes

Whether he knows it or not, independent video game developer Bruno R. Marcos is sitting on a certified Internet sensation. On Sunday, Marcos posted a promotional video for his newest game creation, “Donkey-Me,” to YouTube, and its theme is going to probably make every nostalgic geek on this planet lose his or her mind. Simply put, “Donkey-Me” allows you to play the classic game Donkey Kong, but this time you get to play with some of your all-time favorite action and adventure movie heroes.

Included in this new version are Indiana Jones, Ripley from Alien, Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, Flash Gordon and, most importantly, Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, which is the greatest movie ever made, in this humble jackass’ opinion. As for when Marcos will be unleashing this genius idea on us, his website simply says, “Soon…” Until then, we’re just all going to have to settle for this teaser, while shouting nonsense about our six-demon bags.

And I was worried that maybe this was just some fun video that Marcos made to get our hopes up, but he Tweeted this picture of an actual console this morning, and my hopes are higher than ever…