Check Out The Best Yelp Reviews For This Cafe With A Penis Logo

The deli simply known as “Market Place & Cafe” in the Ballston (!!!!!!!!) neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia has been raising eyebrows for five years now, apparently, due to the fact that the store’s logo looks remarkably like a giant dong with a mustache. According to WTOP, the Market Place & Cafe’s owner has declined requests for comment — even demanding that a reporter leave the store before even getting a chance to ask about their phallic logo.

Brandon Kline, visiting the area from his home on Long Island, N.Y., said he didn’t notice the sign at first, until he was walking from the Ballston Metro to the Holiday Inn a block away from Market Place Cafe and saw that a crowd had gathered to take photos.

“It was soon apparent why the crowd was taking pictures,” Kline told Kline said it reminded him of the phallic sign for the Austin Motel in Austin, Texas, “but even that isn’t as bad” as Market Place’s.

“They definitely knew it was a [penis] sign when they made it,” Kline’s girlfriend, Abby Koppa, said. “There’s no way it was unintentional.”

Of course, with the existence of Yelp, you can’t get away with having a penis for a logo these days because people will call you on that sh*t, and as expected — the reviews for Market Place & Cafe are GLORIOUS. Here’s a sampling of my personal favorites:

There you have it: Come for the dick logo, stay for the crippling food poisoning.