Check Out These Trailers For ‘Civilization V: Brave New World’ And Get Ready To Relapse

How many Civilization fanatics do we have out there? It’s okay, you can admit it — I know your pain all too well. Civ and I are well acquainted and unfortunately it looks like I won’t be kicking my world conquering addiction any time soon.

Civilization V: Brave New World, the second expansion to Civ V, doesn’t pack as many sweeping additions as the first expansion, Gods & Kings, but it does seem to be chock full of all manner of smaller tweaks and additions. The reintroduction of trade routes, the addition of tourism and the ability to adopt ideologies — the kind of stuff that really turns a hardcore Civ fiend’s crank.

Hit the jump for a trio of trailers for Civilization V: Brave New World, which comes out June 9th…

Hmmmm, I know it’s the middle of the work day, but maybe I could just pop open Civ V and play a few–no! NO! I can’t! Orrrr can I? GOD DAMN YOU SID MEIER!

videos via 2KGames YouTube channel