Check Out This Adorable 4-Year-Old Have A Blast During An Aerobatic Flight

It’s always fun to see kids be absolutely fearless in situations that would make most adults cringe. That is certainly the case in this YouTube video, where a young girl is a passenger in her dad’s stunt plane.

In the clip, pilot Raphael Langumier and his 4-year-old daughter Léa are about to take off from a runway in a small two-seater plane. The little girl (wearing pink headphones, of course) is seated behind her father, who is piloting the craft. As the two depart, Léa appears to be unimpressed with the ascent, blankly staring out the window.

As the plane reaches altitude, dad seems to calmly explain to the girl that he is about to perform a maneuver (the video is in French, so it’s hard to tell). The plane starts to invert, and little Léa breaks out into an awesome belly laugh. Seeing that his daughter has nerves of steel, Langumier makes the craft perform a series of insane aerobatic tricks, including going upside down into a loop (GAHHHH!!). Nothing seems to phase the girl, though, as she hysterically chuckles the entire flight.

I get queasy flying commercial, so it’s pretty humbling to know that a 4-year-old has got me beat.

(Via YouTube)