Check Out This Breakdown Of Who’s Who In That ‘Star Wars VII’ Table Read Photo

If you’re like me, you were a little excited, and a bit confused by the castings reveal for Star Wars Episode VII yesterday. Not confused by the actual casting, which was great, but by the picture where you can barely make out who anyone is. Sure, you can see J.J. Abrams, and a few others, but it was generally confusing since a lot of the cast are unknowns, it’s black and white, and there wasn’t a hi-res picture to choose from. Thankfully, IGN took the time to tell us who’s who:

Neat! Now all we need is someone to use their computer wizardry to get some information off of those pages. Is that possible? CBS shows tell me all you have to do is yell “ZOOM IN! ENHANCE!” and it’s done.

(Via IGN)