Check Out This Guy’s Car That He Built Entirely Out Of Legos

Creative minds using Legos to develop ideas for real word applications is certainly nothing new, but what you see in this clip might take the top prize. A young Romanian inventor named Raul Oaida has created a car out of the popular plastic bricks, not a hand-held version mind you, a friggin’ FULL-SIZED functioning car.

Like every invention, the Lego car took two very important ingredients to get it on the streets: time and money. Raul certainly had the time and brainpower, but needed a little financial help to get it rolling. That’s where entrepreneur Steve Sammartino came in to lend a helping hand:

After getting $20,000 in seed money together from like-minded Lego enthusiasts, Raul started building the behemoth machine. The stats on the car are absolutely bananas:

The massive creation features than 500,000 pieces, runs on compressed air, travels 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) per hour, and has a piston-driven engine with 256 cylinders, which he said was the hardest part to build.

Raul states that the car is frequently in disrepair due to Legos constantly flying off while driving, but finds it’s not really an issue since he can easily replace whatever pieces fall off.

Now, while this car may not be street legal, you still have to admire all that it took to create it. To be honest, it’s probably safer than anything Geo made in the 90s.

Source: Daily Dot, Youtube