Check Out This Tree Getting A Little Revenge On This Would Be Lumberjack

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05.04.14 11 Comments

You gotta love it when nature gets a little taste of revenge, at least when that revenge doesn’t involve someone being seriously injured or worse. Then again, maybe Kurt Stepp posted this footage of his co-worker eating it because he wanted some sort of twisted memorial to his life.

I just like how he tells everyone to stand back before he starts to cut. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy if I ever saw one, but I doubt he could’ve saw the entire branch swinging around until it actually happened.

One of The interesting bits about this video is how he probably would’ve gotten really hurt if he’d been wearing a safety harness or something. I doubt it would’ve felt too good to have the full of the branch into your chest.

(Via Sploid / Kurt Stepp)

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