Check Out This Picture Of ‘Chunky’ Gwen Stefani Getting Sting’s Autograph In 1983

Fewer things are more fun than when world famous celebrities and global icons of fashion, music and entertainment show off old pictures of themselves, especially when they’re from their awkward years. Hell, I will never ever get tired of looking at Ryan Seacrest’s high school photo. Except, when it’s someone like Gwen Stefani, who has basically not aged in the 19 years since her band, No Doubt, made it huge with “Tragic Kingdom,” it’s pretty unfair, because there’s a really good chance that her awkward is still amazing or, at the very least, just adorable.

In a Tweet yesterday, Stefani took us on an incredible journey in her time machine back to 1983, when she was just 14 years old, and there she was, getting an autograph from Sting. Of course, the face of L’Oréal Paris referred to her teenage self as “chunky” in this picture, and some people were like, “Hey baby, hey baby, hey… seriously, shut the hell up with that chunky crap.”

(Via Yahoo! Shine)

I know how delicate these situations can be, with both men and women of all shapes and sizes shaking their fists at the pretty, wealthy celebrity for saying that she wishes she could lose a few pounds. But it’s not like Stefani posted a selfie of her rock hard abs with a comment like, “OMG look at these luv handles, I am soooooooo fat #Fatty #MorbidlyObese.” It’s a photo from 31 years ago. If we can’t poke a little fun at ourselves when we were 14, then what the hell have I been holding on to these awful old yearbooks for?