Chelsea Handler Details How She Hated Interviewing ‘Gross’ Tila Tequila

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10.08.14 17 Comments

Chelsea Handler’s Sirius XM Town Hall thing with Dave Grohl airs tomorrow, and is not live contrary to what I had previously thought — so a few clips have surfaced here and there online. One good thing people always like to ask talk show hosts is who they hated interviewing the most, and it’s always great when talk show hosts are candid about the answer. (See: Jon Stewart on Hugh Grant.)

We already know that Chelsea Handler was not a fan of Justin Bieber or the Kardashians, but her least favorite guest was an even lower hanging fruit:

“I had reality stars on all the time, and I hate reality television,” she said. When the rocker pressed her for names, she admitted that she can’t stand Tila Tequila. “Tila Teq-uila, is that her name?” Handler asked. “You know the girl who passed out masturbating or something. She’s gross.”

“I had to have all of these reality stars on my show at the beginning because I wasn’t established. It was E! and it was cheesy. Right then, I realized I had to take the show to a different level,” she added. “I had to interview the Housewives, and I hate that sh**.”

I don’t want to split hairs here debating the merits of whether or not Tila Tequila is gross, but those are some pretty harsh words coming from someone who literally promoted her SiriusXM special with a picture of her boob for no reason, and who often posts nude or nearly nude photos of herself on social media for attention. But no, that’s totally different.

On that note, here’s a clip of the ever gracious Handler telling Dave Grohl that she had no idea who Sammy Hagar or Buzz Aldrin were when they showed up to celebrate her final episode of Chelsea Lately:

(Via TooFab)

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