Cher Has Apparently Lost Her Mind And Is Tweeting About Hitler Living In Apple’s iCloud

So Cher apparently thinks some of the worst Nazis in history are living inside the iCloud. As ghosts, as evil entities, as an allegory? The funny part is, no one knows. This is only based on her strange tweet recently, which you can see above or look at in detail here. While she is may be trying to make some sort of comparison to how Cloud has access to all our stuff and that sometimes gets abused via phone hacks and such, she may have gone a little extreme on this one.

In the same breath, you look at those retweets and think to yourself: perhaps this is exactly what she wanted. Regardless, as a general rule to all of society, try to refrain from name-dropping Hitler on social media. Consider that some priceless advice.

H/T to Mediate