A Year-Long Chess Match In Ireland Ended In Brutal Cannibalism

A man in Ireland has proven that chess is the most dangerous game of all. Saverio Bellante admitted to murdering and eating part of his landlord following a year long chess match. From UPI:

An Italian man was arrested in Dublin on Sunday and charged with killing his Irish landlord and attempting to eat his heart after an argument about a game of chess. Police said that 34-year-old Saverio Bellante admitted to killing Tom O’Gorman, 39. O’Gormans body had been stabbed dozens of times and his chest cavity was opened up. Although the heart was still in his body, a lung was missing.

Bellante doesn’t deny he is guilty and asked to represent himself at his arraignment. This shows a self awareness, even if he knows sh*t about anatomy.

You wouldn’t want to eat a heart anyway, too much iron. The lungs are probably far more nutritious and full of life saving oxygen, especially since O’Gorman was probably still alive when his lung was removed.

I’ve long said that chess is the most dangerous of all competitive activities. I still remember reading about how Bobby Fischer dined on Boris Spassky’s fingers following their tie in 1960. This was after Spassky yelled, “ain’t going to be no rematch!” into Fischer’s ear, giving inspiration to a young Carl Weathers some years later.

(Lead image via gettyimages / Gawker / UPIBelfast Telegraph)