Meet The Man Who Went To Karaoke And Ended Up In Surgery With A Horrifyingly ‘Intimate’ Problem

pelvic xray

Here’s a life tip: don’t get into arguments with people when you go to karaoke bars. The people around you are already singing “Let It Go” in a drunken stupor in front of dozens of strangers; they’ve got nothing left to lose. One man in China had to learn this the hard way when he got into a fight at a karaoke bar and had to go into surgery to get a flashlight-like object removed from his butt. That’s right, no one knows exactly what it is…

Death and Taxes reports that the man (only identified by his last name, Cai) checked into the hospital after a possible “family dispute” at a karaoke bar. It’s not clear whether he was singing at the time of the incident, but what’s known is that the object was shoved so far up the man’s anatomy that it could not just be pulled out.

The dude’s doing okay, but the doctor attending to him said something very, very disturbing about the incident:

“He is in stable condition and will remain in observation for two days to monitor for intestinal bleeding,” Sun Feng, Cai’s attending doctor, told Global Times. “In the past 10 years, the last time I saw such a large object stuck in an anus was a cucumber, in a chef’s anus.”

Oh, also, there’s a picture of the ten-inch-long “object.”

Uh… stay safe out there.

(Via Death and Taxes)