Chipotle Apologized For The Nasty Things Hackers Used Their Twitter Account To Say

First Chipotle tried to trick customers into eating a tofu burrito in exchange for a free one at a later date. Then the company’s Twitter account went for a new trolling record when hackers took the reigns Saturday night and filled social media with unfiltered racist garbage. And here I was, hoping they’d pull a “Robin Hood” and give those of us who actually ate a burrito with tofu on it a tofu-less one instead.

Several intrepid Twitter users caught the action as it happened. Careful folks, because there’s loads of offensive, NFSW language below:

The true nature of the hack was later discovered:

Early Sunday morning, Chipotle’s social media team finally took control of the Twitter account back from the hackers and issued a public apology:

Glad to see the hackers were finally booted from the account and the offending tweets were deleted (at least from their Twitter feed). However, I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why I had to eat a burrito with tofu on it. C’mon, tofu’s not even real food.

(Via Twitter)