Chris Brown Released A Weird Confessional Video Explaining Why He’s In Love With Two People

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10.05.12 2 Comments

“You think you know Chris Brown? You don’t know Chris Brown,” reads the description of a video directed by David Alan released onto the Internet last night. It’s meant to show us the REAL Chris Brown, not the Chris Brown that jerks like us have labeled a beater of women, and in that it’s successful. We now know that not only is he a beater of women, he’s also rap’s response to Garden State.

There’s SO MUCH navel-gazing and sitting in dimly lit doorways with his hands on his head and whiny, faux-introspectiveness like, “I just care. Too much sometimes” that doesn’t mean anything. Chris Brown is the victim here, and truly, the only living boy in Rihanna, I mean, New York. Much to Drake’s chagrin.

“The Real Chris Brown” from David Alan on Vimeo.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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