Chris Evans Hopes He Has A Chance To Confront The Berkeley White Supremacist And Be A Real Captain America

04.16.17 2 years ago

Bloody brawls between protesting groups in Berkeley, California have grown increasingly common with this Saturday seeing law enforcement out in full force. Police confiscated an alarming number of weapons and arrested at least 20 people who were involved in scuffles between pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups. One violent incident in particular — the moment when a female protester was punched by a man who’s allegedly Nathan Damigo (white supremacist and founder of Identity Evropa) — has drawn outrage.

The man who currently plays Captain America, Chris Evans, has joined the rising tide of voices who feel absolutely disgusted by this video, which shows a massive fight erupting and a man who multiple witnesses identified as Damigo taking the woman down. Evans tweeted that he’d like to encounter “Nathan” on the street to, uh, rectify the situation.

It goes without saying that Evans wants to pay back Damigo with the same treatment that he handed out, and while endorsing violence is never a good thing, Evans is certainly drawing attention to the situation. It’s also not the first time that Evans has aired his feelings on white supremacists/Nazis. Not too long ago, he dragged former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke on Twitter, much to the delight of those who’d like to see him become a real-life Cap.

Here’s that tweet from Evans, by the way.

The LA Times once profiled Damigo for his efforts to woo college students to subscribe to his “fantasy for a utopian homeland for whites not unlike Indian reservations.” Well, he’d do well to sail away to a desert island right now and build his own little utopia … because Captain America would definitely say that Damigo’s actions have no place in America.

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