Chris Pratt Is Amusing Himself On The Set Of ‘Jurassic World 2’ With A Game Called ‘What’s My Snack’

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Chris Pratt is currently shooting Jurassic World 2, which means that he’s back on his superhero action star diet that initially helped him get ripped for Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014 — if he’s ever even really been off of it, quite frankly. This means that on-set nutritionists and trainers are likely keeping him on a very strict diet to maximize energy and keep him looking fit on camera during the shoot, the downside of which is obvious.

Can a guy get a beer?

Suffice to say, the diet must be driving him more than a little bit insane, because on set Thursday Pratt devised a fun new game to keep him entertained called “What’s My Snack?” — the first installment you can see above. Spoiler alert, his somewhat difficult to pronounce snack is a 210 calorie cacao baobab banana chia seed shake. Yum! I’m sure that tastes even better than it sounds!

Later in the day Pratt got a snack upgrade in the form of a sashimi platter, which he remarks “smells and tastes exactly like Berkley Powerbait.” “I get it, I see why trout love it,” he says, taking a mouthful. “This is one of those things where when you’re as hungry as I am, everything tastes really good, but this is especially good.”

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Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK

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Finally, late in the evening, in a fit of desperation Pratt ate one of his snacks for the following day, a pistachio olive oil cake. Say what you will, but life as a movie star seems pretty darn glamorous.