Chrissy Teigen Would Like To Show You Her Stretch Marks

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04.14.15 3 Comments


Part of the the reason why it’s easy to love Chrissy Teigen is because she’s just like regular people, with regular people flaws. She eats KFC in bed! She curses a lot! She sucks at magic! And she also has stretch marks. Last night, Teigen posted this picture on Instagram of her bruised, stretch-marked (but otherwise flawless) legs:

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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Aside from the occasional picture of her stretch marks, the rest of Teigen’s Instagram feed is mostly filled with pure, unadulterated food porn. I suspect that few other supermodels have a diet quite like Teigen’s, and I also suspect that she does not give a sh*t.

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