Christian Bans Grant Morrison, Internet Reacts Calmly. Not.

So, in “Action Comics” #1, Superman gets blown up at one point and mutters “GD”. Before we make fun of everybody involved in this nontroversy, we should point out that while this effect was obviously supposed to be a grunt effect, it was in a speech bubble with no punctuation, so misinterpreting it seems fairly reasonable. Take a look for yourself.

What doesn’t seem reasonable is a comics shop owner in North Carolina pitched a fit because he thought Superman said an abbreviated version of “Goddamn”, so Grant Morrison was a bad person and “Action Comics” and all other Grant Morrison comics were BANNED FOREVAR for offending his faith.

This got on Reddit. We’ll give you one guess as to how that went.

Amid the fifteen year olds trying to be edgy were a few good points, not the least of which was this store was perfectly happy to sell lots of gory, violent comics, but a comic that featured what probably was a grunting noise that the store owner had misinterpreted was just too much. It got so stupid that finally, Grant Morrison himself stepped in and clarified that, yes, it was a grunting noise.

To the shop owner’s credit, he apologized for his mistake to Morrison. Which just leaves us with one question: hasn’t this guy read “The Invisibles”, or “Doom Patrol”, or “Arkham Asylum”, or “Animal Man”? This is the guy who wrote “The New Adventures of Hitler”, for Orion’s sake. Superman saying “GD” should be the least of your worries.

[ via Bleeding Cool ]