‘Chronicle’ Looks Like ‘Heroes’ Done Right

What if you and your buddies from high school happened to get super powers? You would probably use them to give each other wet willies and to pants each other in front of girls. That seems to be the gist of what happens in “Chronicle” until, bum bum buuuum! things head down an increasingly dark and dangerous path.

The “Chronicle” trailer is one of the most exciting trailers I’ve seen in a long time. It takes the superhero movie and gives it the “Blair Witch” treatment, with buddies trading off the camera as they play around with their growing powers. At the very least, this guarantees we’ll be getting a superhero origin story with a little bit of originality. Add in some unknown ( but seemingly capable) actors, a little known director and I think we can all feel good about being cautiously optimistic! Think of it like “Heroes” but presumably focused on character development instead of trying to shove as many people into the story as possible. We’ll have to wait until next February to see if it it lives up to the promise.

Check out the trailer after the jump.