‘Cloud Atlas’ Continues To Baffle With Three New TV Spots And A Pile Of Banner Images

09.26.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Hey, Cloud Atlas is coming out in a month, and yet we haven’t done as many posts about it as other nerd-bait movies like say, Prometheus. Why? I dunno — it looks odd. It might end up being terrible. It’s hard to say anything intelligent about it because I have no idea what’s going on in any of the footage I’ve seen. I do know Tom Hanks wears some pretty terrible wigs in it. That’s about it.
Well, that said — hit the jump a big ol’ batch of new Cloud Atlas banner images and TV spots!

via The Film Stage
The good thing about this movie being a crazy quilt of different genres and time periods? The Warner Bros. marketing department can make Cloud Atlas look like whatever kind of movie they want!
Here’s the first TV spot, complete with thumpy drum music. Cloud Atlas is a critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan-like mind bender!

No wait, it’s a straightforward kick ass action movie!

No no no, actually it’s a inspirational feel-good Tom Hanks drama!
Or maybe, it’s all three?!
Hit the final page for a bunch of Cloud Atlas banners…
One other bit of news — Cloud Atlas is going to be showing in IMAX theatres from day one. You know, just in case being baffled by a regular sized screen isn’t enough for you.

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