CNN Will Cut Back On New Year’s Eve On-Air Drinking, And Some Are Pointing To Last Year’s Events As The Reason

It’s the end of an era. One of the finest traditions of the holiday season will never grace televisions again: there shall be no more Drunk Don Lemon in your living room. This is a sad moment, really. Lemon was known to get wet and wild each year, one time even getting an on-air piercing and another time proposing to Brooke Baldwin (seen above as the world turned to 2017) for our viewing enjoyment.

Baldwin, of course, left the building a few years ago after being downplayed during 2020 election coverage. And that left Lemon with no Partner in Drunk Crime. However, that doesn’t seem to be the reason for CNN’s official determination that only a choice few (Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen) will be allowed to get lit this year. He did the most, frequently from New Orleans.

Why is this happening to us? New CEO Chris Licht is apparently fretting over wanting his anchors to stay respectable, and I say, “C’mon.” It’s not like we’ve seen Jake Tapper blazingly drunk. He can be the respectable one, and let everyone else have some fun. Alas (and no offense to Coop and Cohen), it’s simply not gonna be a fun CNN New Year’s Eve anymore, and some people have suspicions for why this is the case.

Don Lemon rambling, “I need a little more balance in work-life, and I may be open to a relationship this year” = gold. Sadly, however, the below kind of display will be the extent of CNN’s good time from here on out.

Will you still watch? I’ll be flipping channels, that’s for sure.