Don Lemon Got His Ear Pierced In A New Orleans Bar On Live TV

CNN anchor Don Lemon‘s annual live New Year’s Eve exploits are swiftly becoming the stuff of legends. This year, he teased the audience with the possibility of a tattoo or piercing at a New Orleans bar. In the end, Lemon chose a piercing because Jan. 1 regret is a terrible thing.

Sadly for the viewing audience, Brooke Baldwin made Lemon keep his shirt closed, so Kathy Griffin’s shouted request for a nipple piercing was not granted. So, Lemon took a shot (was it real?) and prepared for pain, which came in the form of an ear piercing. He took it like a champ, grimace and all.

One year ago, Lemon made headlines by complimenting Kathy Griffin’s “rack” while drinking away the evening near a hot tub. This year, Lemon was even more ready to rumble, and this prep photo is pretty darn great.

What will the rest of New Year’s Eve hold? Anything is possible on an evening when Van Jones plops a kiss on Jeffrey Lord’s cheek. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have been trading loaded barbs all night, so there’s still more room for madness.