CNN Viewers Couldn’t Wait For Drunk Don Lemon To Make His Annual New Year Eve’s Appearance

With Kathy Griffin off the CNN roster on this New Year’s Eve, viewers had to settle for Anderson Cooper’s introductory banter with new co-host Andy Cohen. Their chemistry has been stilted so far (with the two men reenacting Dr. Phil’s first appearance with the Cash Me Ousside teen to cringeworthy effect), but thankfully, Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon also made their annual appearance in New Orleans. In the above clip, the duo arrived in a pedicab before Lemon prepared to indulge in some tasty alcoholic beverages and some crawfish.

The stakes for Lemon’s impending stumble — a beloved tradition — are higher than usual, for his last NOLA go-round saw a drunken ear piercing before he proposed to Brooke Baldwin on live TV. Many speculated that he would make good on a previous promise threat and finally get tattooed, but will it happen?

People are pumped and waiting. They’re demanding a lit-up Lemon, now.

Eventually, Lemon did his “first shot” of the evening.

And here comes the obligatory “gas mask bong” moment of the night.

Sadly, the wait hasn’t been as fun as last year, since Kathy Griffin was so good at mortifying the Coop. Yet hopefully, he and Cohen won’t ever do this impression again…