Come With This Life-Sized Lego Terminator If You Want To Live

Nerds love Lego. And while this isn’t quite the achievement of a life-size X-wing out of Legos, this Lego Terminator all the more impressive for being something these guys did in their spare time.

Information is a bit sparse, largely thanks to the language barrier, but we do know this Lego Terminator took 15,000 bricks to build, stands at 6’1″, and weighs 33 pounds.

It’s also, thankfully, a carefully documented build, albeit you’ll need to speak Czech to get the full effect. Martin Latta, the architect, offers a lot of detail in that thread, elaborating on the design process and specific challenges. If you were ever wondering what goes into a massive hobby build like this, it’s actually a fun and enlightening read.

Now, we have to ask… any plans to try and make it animated?