Feed Your Nostalgia With The Epic ‘G.I. Joe’ Opening From Tonight’s ‘Community’

Josh will have the full recap of Community‘s G.I. Joe spectacular tomorrow, complete with the GIF treatment, but NBC posted this to their YouTube page and I couldn’t past it up. This is almost better than the Venture Bros. fantastic G.I. Joe parody, but please notice I said almost.

It does get my nostalgia senses all tingly, remembering back to watching hand me down VHS copies of G.I. Joe episodes on Saturdays and trying to figure out what to make of everyone’s bad aim. This intro was always pretty bad ass though.

I haven’t gotten to watch the Community episode yet, but it’s going to take a lot to kill my excitement now. Even if I’m almost positive that there’s going to be some sort of dramatic real life parallel to all of this to make me feel feelings again.

(Via NBC)