Everything There Is To Know About Troy And Abed’s Dreamatorium

09.25.15 3 years ago

Dan Harmon once warned that season three of Community would be the series’ darkest season. Whether or not his words came to fruition is up for debate, as is the overall message and quality of the show, post season two. But, that’s beside the point. Community has made it to her six-season mark; all that remains now, in the words of Abed, is a movie. So, as we wait for news on what, if anything, comes next for Greendale, it seems like a good time to take a look back at season three; a season which many believe changed the tide of the show.

Was it supposed to? That’s a question for Dan Harmon.

Season three is notable for moving the characters around in ways the show hadn’t before; we saw more of Troy and Abed living together, Annie moved in with them, and, suddenly, the Greendale Seven had a place to convene that wasn’t the study room or the school. And within that magical apartment, where so many strange and wonderful things seemed to happen, was the Dreamatorium.

The Dreamatorium. Was it really a machine of dreams? Or did it serve a darker, more insidious purpose? It seemed to create a fair share of nightmares for Abed and the group within the confines of the third season.

Let’s take a look. This is the Dreamatorium… what it is, what it did, and what we learned.

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